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Hi! I'm Barry, and I solve problems. I have been a professional software developer and designer for the better part of... 10 years. However, I was doing stuff with computers LONG before that. I began my journey into computers with 3D Modeling and Animation. I was inspired by the film "Finding Nemo" and set out to make my own film. Like most things involving me, my aspirations were larger than my resources. My family wasn't wealthy and so I didn't have the ability to buy expensive computers so that I could animate and model effectively. This led to me getting REALLY good with computers. Learning how to optimize them, network them, fix them. Because I was always breaking mine... err... my familys... I wonder if my parents figured out that it was MY fault... As I grew through High School I stumbled into many different situations. I went to a leadership camp for 4 years and eventually taught 3D animation. I was noticed by several teachers at my school and was given the role of helping administer my school districts network. Something that had NEVER been done. If I had to describe how I got to where I am today, it is that I was given opportunities by people despite not being the most qualified, and that people took it upon themselves to mentor and help me. I didn't do this on my own. Ronald McCartney, Claire Hooper, Jennifer Touchet, Sonja Anderson, Dorothy Sisk, and many more that I'll add to this profile as I remember them. All of these people saw something in me that I didn't see in myself, and are responsible for where I am today. They paid it forward, and so I do too. That's my philosophy. Help others be better.
I love our sport and our community.

The Physics of Paintball – The Experiments


I've had questions about the physics of paintball ever since I started playing. So, I dusted off my physics textbooks (jk I went on YouTube) and learned about projectile physics in order to better understand the physics behind the sport I love. Check out "The Physics of Paintball" to see my math.

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The Physics of Paintball


One of the most elusive questions in paintball is the PHYSICS involved in

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