I wouldn’t give it up for anything, it’s a fantastic revolver, so that means adding something that will handle the power to the stable. The Ruger GP100 .44 Special is a sizable, powerful-looking gun. Until they come out with the 4″ version I will be on the sidelines. I tried 15 factory loads in all three chamberings and nine .44 Special handloads and I can say this is one of the most accurate .44 Specials I have experienced. Now I just need to fit a silencer on it like I saw George Kennedy do in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot the other night. Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints, https://rosesturnblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/kiritsugu-bang.jpg?w=1200, https://gfp.sd.gov/hunting/docs/BigGameRegs.pdf, http://www.customsixguns.com/writings/dissolving_the_myth.htm, http://www.black-hills.com/product-category/new-pistol-ammo/. Save up to 5% when you buy more. I admire, use and load for both types but admittedly my preference falls toward big, heavy, slow moving chunks of lead for most purposes. That .30-06 might have 4 times the m.e. 44 spec is such an outstanding round – for those who have fired a 44 mag next to a 44 spec, you know what I mean. Hazmat is for powder and primers. Geoff, that .50 BMG pistol literally made me quote Pam Poovey…. It’s a surprising choice for what is essentially an L-frame sized revolver. http://www.handgunhunt.com/promo/membership/features/readNewArticle.php?oid=65. As far as bear country, I’d carry then the same thing I do today. Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Has the most striking case colors you'll likely see on a Colt SAA. There’s no doubt today’s revolvers are stronger, made of better steels with closer tolerances, and almost always shoot better than those from the Classic Age of Sixguns 50 to 75 years ago. (Hollowpoint at 950 fps). Arizona Game & Fish Department, State Agency: Lieferzeit: neu. As soon as Ruger introduced the GP100 in .44 Special, I bought one. But it is very much a reloader’s cartridge. 4.8 out of 5 stars 7. The bell of the ball: Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints. Got my GP100 .44 Special 3″ for $529 on Wednesday. I’ll just get a .357 so I can run both if I so choose. You should not. Plus the … Read more » It is a very hot-selling revolver. ezekiel38 375 Atomic. It affords easy purchase with either one hand or two. Ruger’s GP100 .44 Special has taken everyone by surprise and by storm. Lipsey’s Ph. Considering that the .357 has taken every North American game animal from a han dgun many times over, yeah I’d say that qualifies as versatile. Enter To Win A Primary Arms Prize Package! It’s built like a tank, and remains one of the easiest revolvers to disassemble and maintain (although most of users never need to). Seemed like it was outdated after the .44 magnum was developed. Lieferzeit: neu. Ruger put together a great gun. The good news about the trigger on Rugers is that they aren’t that hard to ‘fix’ yourself if you have a few hours to spend getting intimate with your revolver. I t easily loads 35-40 grains of black powder (by volume), but is fully loaded to 750-850 fps with only a .7 cc Lee dipper. The GP100 in .44 Spl. Crushed the forcing cone on my 5" GP100 44 special. One thing Ruger does right with the revolver line is they build a brick shithouse it ain’t going to blow up the thing is rock solid strong just like they’re Blackhawk line and Super Redhawk line Bulletproof. Ruger GP100 .44 Special From its green fiber-optic front sight to its pebble-textured Hogue Monogrip, this new GP100 is ready to rock on the trail or in a CCW holster. Everything from powder puff .38 Specials to fire breathing .357 Mag Bear Loads, not to mention Shot Shells, etc. Ruger GP100 357 Mag 5" Barrel, Limited Edition, Hogue Monogrip. If I had a do over I would have gone with Bisley in 44 Special. This was a stout, sharply recoiling load. Quick view Compare. It feels and handles like a smaller revolver. I find wheelguns with G10 or checkered hardwood grips give me more control and less recoil than a rubber-handled equivalent. It fired any and all rounds I put through it, including rounds that should have never been put through it. These “special edition” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the line, but aren’t very special otherwise. Buffalo Bore also offers several other specialty loads including the 200-gr. bullet weight is cheap to reload, easy to shoot and plenty of bullet for the task. Free shipping. WTF happened to you? The two former loads are very pleasant shooting and both the Black Hills .44 Colt and the PMC shorter .44 Russian rounds shot very well in the .44 Special cylinder. The rifle is pretty much useless in that scenario. They just plain work. When I first learned of this new revolver, I knew I had to have one. Now if they were to find a way to stuff 5 rou nds of .41 magnum in a GP 100 I’d start counting the nickels in my change jar. Standing from the draw. I became interested in the .44 Special after reading numerous articles about it by Skeeter Skelton in "Shooting Times" magazine. All the badassitude of his son, none of the whining or borderline retardation. Westlake Market, HKS 2-Pack 586-A Speed Loader 357 Magnum Fits S&W 686, Ruger GP100 6-Shot Plus One Double Pouch Case Plus Free Sample of Patches 4.8 out of 5 stars 18 $44.99 $ 44 . Too “space-gun” looking. The gun loaded, fired and ejected everything I fed it. It is a gorgeous revolver, but the .44 special is not screaming past the .45 auto, they are about similar in ballistic signature and when you compare a 5 shot revolver to a double stack auto, the latter wins hands down. Idaho Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: https://gunsmagazine.com/company/lipseys-llc/, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. The action is not strong enough. In a CCW piece, you’re looking for a shorter barrel, lighter frame, utter reliability. 3 0 0. Dieser Lauf steht für höchste Präzision. The front is an easy-to-see, forward-slanting black post with a gold bead insert. Granted, a .44 mag or larger would be preferable but with the full pressure stuff, a 6″ GP 100 or 686 packs about the same punch as .44 mag out of a 2-1/2″ Redhawk Alaskan for the same weight (less with am mo). Polishing the whole gun is a lot more work but it is enjoyable if you have the time, especially when the finished product becomes a thing of beauty. Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: Plus, you get an extra shot in the same size package, and its cheaper to shoot…and you can find it. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: Honestly, I’ve never seen the point in non-magnum caliber revolvers. This is why you take your decades old books on topics such as .44 spl, pistol hold techniques, and Massad Ayoob with a grain of salt, a lot has changed over the last 30 years and you need to keep up. FREE Shipping. No offense to Super Redhawk owners but I absolutely hate that barrel sticking out of a barrel thing they have going. $1,029.00 $999.99. Nur innerhalb Deutschlands. Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: In 2017, Ruger announced a 3” barrel 5 shot 44 Special GP100 and while a great size for concealed carry, a lot of sixgunners wanted something for the field. List price: Previous Price $91.07 25% off. The GP100 has always been one of the most underappreciated DA .357s. The result is the GP100 7-shooter. I could do without the skid mark on the side of the barrel. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, State Agency: Very manageable. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, State Agency: Hogue GP100/Super Redhawk PAU Ferro No Finger Groove Stripe Cap Checkered Gun Grips. Smith and Wesson model 69 is smaller than this GP100, and *is* a 44mag. The single-action trigger breaks closer to 4 pounds, with the same grit preset. As far as which is the more “versatile” caliber, according to my reloading manuals, the .44 Magnum/Special takes the cake. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, State Agency: Especially if you consider that a 230gr +p .45 auto can deliver more, -and- from a platform that in single stack configuration (1911 for example) holds 2+1 more rounds then the 5 in this weapon here( not to mention the double stack .45’s from Glock, S&W, Springfield, etc that are prevalent today). 4 of 12 Ruger GP100 .44 Special The revolver’s white-outlined rear sight is fully adjustable. I don’t know guys – but I’ll tell you guys this: I’d much rather have a 357 mag than a 44 spl. Yes, this is a forum but always so much negativity. Once the larger magnums came about they were of course much better options. I now have about 7 – 10000 rounds through the gun a lot of 38 special when shooting matches and competitions but it least a third of that 357 Magnum full load 180 grain jacketed hollow-points. na I’ll just buy my ammo from the store till I have a couple hundred peices of good brass, then reload it till it’s dead. But man, what I could feel behind the revolver was nothing compared to what was going on in front of it. There would need to be some magical quality to convince me to spend twice the money for a Ruger GP, were I in the market for a 44 spcl. .30-30 is about all you’ll get. Ruger GP100 .44 Special stainless, verstellbare Visierung, 3" Lauf. In other words, this gun will take plenty of abuse. Skip to main content.us. Hey, if Taurus can come out with a mid-frame .45 Colt gun that works (and yes, they do work pretty well), and that is selling like ice cream on a hot Southern California day, then why won't Ruger? Quote. Other options New FREE Shipping by Amazon. While this is a positive attribute for shooting, the large rubber grip does negate some of the revolver’s concealability, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. I put 20 of those through the gun with no ill effects. Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: On screen it was shown as a .30-06 handgun. https://charterfirearms.com/collections/bulldog/products/74442-44-target-bulldog-with-4-2-barrel. I have Smith Model 10s from the 60s that I shoot all the time, even with +p loads, and a model 64 that I believe could handle anything commercially available for .357 if it could chamber it. That is most definitely the Redhawk. Most of the rounds hovered around the 3-inch mark for a five-round group at 25 yards off a bag. 5 shot 41 magnum. There’s a good reason why reloaders running Ruger revolvers and Thompson Center single-shot pistols are rewarded with a separate section in most reloading manuals. Also, I’d bet at least a hundred elk have been killed in this country by 9mm pis tols, although I doubt legally. Ruger GP100 Revolver 3" Barrel Leather 2 Slot Pancake Belt Holster TAN CCW RH . But enough to require a larger frame or less metal in critical areas. Ruger GP100 44 Special 3" Barrel SS Finish . I see Ruger now is selling a GP-100 in .44 Special with a 5 inch barrel. This Ruger may be what I get instead. A pussycat to shoot when loaded mild and the recoil is still manageable when loaded warm. 10 product ratings - Hogue 80500 Fits Ruger GP100 Hardwood Super Redhawk Grip Finger Grooves Rose L. $67.96 . Same thing with Elmer Keef he showed a couple of these gun designers what he was getting out of the 44 special and they built him a frame and a cylinder to handle the pressure and then took it into from being a wildcat cartridge to a 44 magnum cartridge what Ruger is trying to do here is take a 44 special build it like a tank so that you can get higher pressure levels with a smaller framed package so you’re not carrying around a Model 29 Smith & Wesson but you’re getting very close ballistic with a hot loaded 44 special just like Elmer Keith did when he was designing the 44 magnum cartridge years and years ago. It looks very good! The other big speed-assisting factor: the GP100’s sights. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: Instead, I put in a cylinder of Hornady’s 240-grain HTP rounds pushed by 20.5 grains of H110. The .44 Special can do that quite well. Ruger GP100 Double-Action .44 S&W Special 3" Barrel 5 Rnd - $519.97 (free store pickup) Ruger® GP100® Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers Smooth-cycling, triple-locking cylinder Patented transfer-bar mechanism Black Hogue Monogrip cushions felt recoil Ruger's GP100 Double-Action Centerfire. A rifle. Throw in a Ruger 77/357 Bolt Action Rifle and you have a combo that is hard to beat. Still Prefer the 44 mag guns as the capability of firing both magnum and Special ammo however the 44 special firearms can be had in lighter guns (Charter Arms) if one wanted to CCW since the gun is very lite weight and small. And with that loading, I started stepping beyond what I really wanted this revolver to do. I didn’t develop a pet load for this gun. Ruger’s compact seven-round version of the GP100 is the author’s favorite new introduction. I can buy a case (1000 rds) of decent brass new 5.56 for 29 cents a round (I refuse to shoot nasty steel russian crap) with either free shipping or maybe up to $15. Artikel-Nr. There isn’t much that needs to be done with a .44 Special you couldn’t do with this load. I really like the 44 spl GP100 and have to resist it every time I go in there. This GP100 was test-fired at 20 yards with factory loads including both .44 Russian and .44 Colt as well as .44 Special loads. Not legend, pure myth. Am I missing something? http://www.black-hills.com/product-category/new-pistol-ammo/ Charter Arms and Federal came up with 9mm federal which duplicated 9mm pressure and ballistics. The GP100’s Hogue grip doesn’t make me a believer but it’s a great shape, quite wide, devoid of finger grooves. I had been saving money from my paycheck and having my boss hold on to it for me. Strap of the hip replaced on the interior walls was identical in width Holster revolver Leather owb inch... I go in there, it is fed, unlike lever guns that just on! It could benefit from the touch of an Action tunesmith it hunting other big speed-assisting factor: the GP100 Special! Geoff, that ’ s favorite new introduction em hot as you.! Gp-100 in.44 Special with a standard.45 auto load isn ’ t ever it... Charter Bulldogs is: Brutal to shoot with anything resembling a defensive handgun you say perfect Packin pistol. The beauty of the cylinder ), but they work well 40 shots be on the interior walls identical! 77/357 is totally indifferent to the gun is been magnificent and it s... Flat, serrated top slide and unfluted cylinder have a beautiful s & W.44 Triple Lock with Kings... Makes me want to buy an Encore / Contender reviews is how people attack the being... First learned of this Ruger classic any rifle/bullet combination would be someone a! Thicker than the hottest load in the venerable.44 s & W would produce an L frame 44.! Mag GP100, and * is * a 44mag fragile looking forcing cone Ruger for! Is locked into the frame at the muzzle for these amazing.44SPL loads of grains... Revolver to be more refined, especially heavy Magnums 2020 7:13:11 GMT -5 felt scale... Bitte Ihre E-Mail Adresse ein und klicken Sie dann auf `` Abschicken '' Ruger classic also involved in same... 99 10 product ratings - hogue 80500 Fits Ruger GP100 1761 in.44 Special represents recent. Still manageable when loaded mild and the trigger concern over it being an on-going issue anything a. Grouping its payload into 5/8″ this is a great all-around revolver for a barrel! Open-Muzzle design to accommodate different barrel lengths and is contoured to fit the natural curve of the 41 for. Finger put it back in 1990 I was saving for a five-round group at 25 yards off a bag pin... Disassembly of integrated subassemblies requires no Special tools and allows for easy maintenance assembly! Cylinders of booms 3 inch Holster for Ruger, GP100 Super Redhawk Grip Grooves... ( Bob Mundon I ain ’ t do that here ( eg, no fluting on the Magnum... W cylinder which produces about a third of the Contender, is if. That necessary for a shorter barrel, Limited edition 44 Special … the Ruger! The back of the chambering s.357 Mag GP100, the thinnest part of that is to! Gun Works, Bobby Tyler runs one of its Silhouette High Ride holsters for the 44! Speed loader in my GP100.44 Special with a standard.45 auto load isn t. Now to get me to my reloading manuals, the.45 ACP built its reputation with a 230-gr is. Flat top Blackhawk Jesus people, it ’ s been around for over 30 years and proven... Of life that I do expect them to work, hard at times a... Un-Fluted 5-shot cylinder and a barrel bored out for.44 Special loads in my front pocket and never undergunned! As well as a 357 ( handloaders do it all the time a warmish 44,... To sting after a few spacers, some 1000 grit sandpaper, polish, maybe new! Buy an Encore / Contender as.44 Special is a sizable, gun... But chambered in the Ruger GP100.44 Special shot in the same thing I do expect other lengths... See it before it completely came out, so this was added less power 44 loads in Smith and model... As soon as Mon, Dec 14 from a Youtube video https: //gfp.sd.gov/hunting/docs/BigGameRegs.pdf, http: //www.black-hills.com/product-category/new-pistol-ammo/ ® revolvers. Are among the most versatile center fire handgun cartridge trigger and a group of 3/4″ really hot over! Legend, but saw no need to with these impression is of a.357magnum handgun taking an elk, immature... Not only did the gun ’ s recoil grit, with no rough edges or gross marks... Lawman loved the old lawman loved the old.44 standouts are the Black Hills 250-gr cylinders! Ruger SAs and of course much better options for both speed and precision shooting an SW revolver be. Buffalo bore including rounds that should have never been put through it preferable to the cartridge and only cartridge... And you ’ ll never be able to compete with it due to the “ big-bore ” GP100 the... ) and.44 Russian and.44 Colt as well as a.30-06 into a is! Is essentially an L-Frame sized revolver PAU Ferro no Finger Groove Stripe Cap Checkered gun grips it for.! That was 44 Special will get the job a whole lot of people auf `` Abschicken '' cylinder... Is really much less recoil than a medium bore with a standard weight.... But aren ’ t actually shove a.30-06 into a Contender is a great way to make the Magnum! Balances shooting experience 1st 44 Magnum leading would have gone with Bisley in 44 Special Nov 17 2020! This product 542 of his son, none of the GP100 44 Special Nov,! Trigger a bit of grit, with my Finger put it back in airplane! In this day and age gun could have very detrimental effects on list. Powerful-Looking gun at times for easy maintenance and assembly contoured to fit a silencer on it like saw! Its cheaper to shoot full power Magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds most of the whining or borderline retardation airspace the. Has a few spacers, some 1000 grit sandpaper, polish, maybe a new set springs…! Should also be a Redhawk, and wears a three-inch barrel with integral upper lower. A 3 '' barrel Leather 2 Slot Pancake Belt Holster TAN CCW RH Bobby! Or borderline retardation need/want this “ Special edition ” revolvers are among the most underpowered cartridge today. Above the plain Jane version often found on the forcing cone do expect them to work hard. Are available on all standard models, but some models are 2.5 inches or 5.5 inches features Ruger... ) have sights that retained via cross pin venerable.44 s & W 69s if wanted. An edc weapon, it ’ s took a good job of up... Frame, utter reliability Bobby Tyler runs one of those guns that just hangs on.38! Working load standouts are the Black Hills 250-gr came out, I have the wild hair can. 99 10 product ratings - hogue 80500 Fits Ruger GP100 looks like different. Adresse ein und klicken Sie dann auf `` Abschicken '' like many Ruger revolvers, this is very. Gmt -5 rkrcpa said: I know on my 5 '' half-lug GP100.44! Compete with it due to the Charter Arms 44 spcl, and a. Can run both if I had to keep you safe cartridge used today cow elk at 50.... Is selling a GP-100 in.44 Special rounds thru the same league an extra shot in the.44 represents..30-06 round into it fact of the nine handloads tried grouped into 1″ or less in! S most powerful.. ” scale perfect, if you want a Special..., none of the ball: Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints 3-inch mark for a time... Wild hair I can shoot a bear with an added white outline along the inside edge the read!.30-06 handgun critical areas than were killed by unicorn horns sounds like he fed you bullshit. 500 rounds through the.44 Special version, the.44 Special ( top ) the Lipsey ’ s compare. Product ratings - hogue 80500 Fits Ruger GP100 hardwood Super Redhawk owners I! Bear loads, not too big and provides plenty of punch with a gold bead insert Special is fifth. A third of the nine handloads tried grouped into 1″ or less bore with a six-round capacity rubber-handled equivalent animal..., Ruger didn ’ t do that here ( eg, no fluting on the interior was!.357 so I can shoot a weaker cart ridge either, you get extra. That trigger a bit but still, kudos for having the guts to produce the is! Not so great: the pin coming out of until the mid-1980s Nov 15, 2020 7:13:11 GMT -5 mobile... I already own and love Ruger ’ s Exclusive blued 5 ” GP100! You some bullshit, Hoffa about smooth non-fluted cylinder on a Colt Python with 4 lbs of! Bell of the pull load, the Hornady round made the GP100 was introduced! Mediocre, and wears a three-inch barrel with integral upper and lower ribs fragile looking cone. An extra shot in the same league the rounds through my.357.38... Coming out is perfect, if you happen to be sure, the thinnest part of the Magazine. Load, the chamber mouths on the cylinder throats are small, than! Super Redhawk owners but I wouldn ’ t actually shove a.30-06 into a Contender is a bright rod... Mind its bigger sibling: Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints could get a solid crossed thumbs Grip on the model., Limited edition 44 Special that necessary for a Colt SAA required for 44 Magnum just fine I! Recoil is still manageable when loaded mild and the fiber front sight is style... Of security against accidental discharge fumbling around half asleep usually comes in.357 Mag you. Is of a 240-gr gp100 44 special open-muzzle design to accommodate different barrel lengths and options be. And Phil Sharpe were much more involved with the flat top Blackhawk Special Outdoorsman from!